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Patrick Meagher

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148 W. 24th Street, 3rd Floor, New York NY 10011 USA


95-99 Harvard University , Graduate School of Design, Cambridge MA
           Masters of Landscape Architecture Urbanism
93-94 Kunstakademie Dusseldorf, Germany -Meisterschuler.
           Professor Alfonso Huppi: Painting, Sculpture, Photo.
91-95 Carnegie Mellon University, College of Fine Arts, Pittsburgh PA
           BFA Site-Installation-Sculpture, Digital Media

Solo Exhibitions

09-02 P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center, Long Island City NY, Project Room, 'That Other Modern World'
            16 x 20 ft. room sculptural installation made of EPS styrofoam, alongside drawings on paper
02-02 Riva Gallery, New York, Blandscape and Photage.
           Digital Photography, Sculptural Reliefs, and Collaborative DVD video. Catalog in
06-99 Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts, Cambridge - 'Lscapes and Nosmos' -
           Photage : Digital Photography Layout Prints on Illuminated Mylar 3' x 20'
05-99 Harvard Graduate School of Design Gallery, Cambridge MA.
           Landscape Urbanism Theory
           'Art/Business/Design Project' - text/image panels 3' x 8'

Group Exhibitions

01-03 White Box Annex, NY "trannie: Rhetorics of Identity in Transition' Curated by Jeffrey Uslip
          "Autobahn 3 (night version) DVD loop by Patrick Meagher and Dave Shim.
0-02 Henry Art Gallery at the University of Washington, Seattle.
           'Out of Site', Curated by Rhonda Howard. 'UnitBead 2.0' a digital interactive
           projected sculpture installation.
10-02 P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center, Long Island City Queens, NY
           'Building Structures', Sculpture Report 2002
           Curated by Klaus Biesbach, Daniel Marzona, and PS1.
06-02 New Museum, New York : 'Out of Site'- Fictional Architecture,
           Curated by Anne Ellegood
           'UnitBead 2.0' a digital interactive projected sculpture and installation.
05-02 Socrates Sculpture Park: May Show.
           Commissioned sculpture: an aerial suspended piece 100 x 60 meters, and 10
           meters high across the park landscape.
02-02 Lombard Freid Gallery, Retrofit, Curated by Lauri Firstenberg.
           Photography and Sculpture: 8'x8'x8' Sculptural Installation, C-prints of Styrofoam,
           and Wall Reliefs.
12-01 P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center, Long Island City NY, B- Hotel.
           'Sketch Pad' 2001, Animation DVD Loop Curated by Klaus Biesbach and PS1.
           Contact: Daniel Marzona
11-01 Stefan Stux Gallery, New York 'Requiem for the New Economy' 2001. Video
           Group Show. Patrick Meagher and Dave Shim. Curated by Lauri Firstenberg
01-01 Riva Gallery, New York : 'Plastic Ecologies' Photo Editions .'Autobahn cut 1'
           Digital Video DVD : Patrick Meagher and Dave Shim.
06-01 Art|32|Basel, Switzerland : 'Plastic Ecologies' digital projects
           Multiple of 1000 Free Photo Calendar Cards.
04-01 Folin/Riva Gallery, New York : 'Work' - Curated by Lauri Firstenberg
           Sculpture- Relics of the 20th Century. Photo works.
11-00 Artists Space, New York : 'Interactive Design Lab'- Curated by Ron Jones .
           Styroscape 3D Navigable Sculpture, C-prints, Custom Furniture
08-99 Lehmann Maupin Gallery, New York : 'Mixup' Inspired Space: Gel-D Collaborative.
           Curated by Ron Jones. Conceptual Art Design Product Prototypes.
11-98 Lionheart Gallery, Boston : 'The Documentation of' Digital Photography
           PhotoBooks 1-3 & 7, 'ANE OFFICE : Event Architecture'
05-98 Lionheart Gallery, Boston : Expanding Universe-Hubbell Telescope Project:
           Invited Artist. Digital Plot Diptych 72" x120" suspended horizontally from cieling

Expositions and Events

09-02 Municipal Arts Society, New York : 'Microviews' archive presentation of pre-9/11
           WTC photos
08-02 The Williamson Gallery at Art Center College of Design,Pasadena, CA.
           'Reactions' show
06-02 The New Museum, New York : Broadway Window Plasma Screen Exhibit of
           'UnitBead 2.0"
05-02 Manifesta, Frankfurt : Free Manifesta participant: 'Styrorchids Edition, and Spatial
           Ikibana.' A 100 unit free edition, and scattered installation with Sachie Ogushi
04-02 The Free Biennial, New York and online. 'Crocusing, 2002' a 12 piece free-multiple
           to be placed in four parks. Crocus bulbs and Styrosno, with Genus Tags and Text.
03-02 MoMA Ireland, The Open Museum Net Art Show:
    Sketchpad, and early digital work
02-02 Exit Art, New York: Reactions. Group Show of Work in reaction to September 11,
           2001. File-Error Series. WTC1, 10x12 Photograph
01-02 Art Miami Beach, Florida 'Autobahn cut1' DVD loop on a plasma screen,
           Patrick Meagher and Dave Shim

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